New Brunswick Liberals raise concerns with EMO response to recent storms

FREDERICTON - A Liberal Opposition member in New Brunswick is raising concerns about the response to last month's series of fierce winter storms that left some areas without power for more than a week.

Rick Doucet is critical of the work by the province's Emergency Measures Organization, saying there was poor communication and no sign of a plan to deal with natural disasters.

Such a plan was promised by the provincial government following flooding in 2010.

The government did not make the public safety minister or officials from the Emergency Measures Organization available to respond but they put forth government backbencher Carl Urquhart, who said he did not know the status of that plan.

But Urquhart says he is confident officials with the Emergency Measures Organization are prepared for storms.

Doucet has asked Kim MacPherson, the provincial auditor general, to look into the storm response.

MacPherson won't commit to a review but says she'll add it to her list of concerns to consider.

Doucet says he is pleased with the work by NB Power crews and other first responders during the storms.