Ontario's government warns $239M security tab for 2015 Pan Am Games could rise

TORONTO - Ontario's Liberal government admits the original $113-million security tab for Toronto's 2015 Pan Am Games was just a "place holder" number, and warns the latest estimate of $239 million could go higher.

The Opposition is demanding Tourism Minister Michael Chan resign or be fired after the security bill for next year's Games more than doubled.

Chan says the $113-million figure was put in the Toronto 2015 bid book by the city's Pan Am organizing committee, who he says had no expertise or knowledge in security.

He wouldn't admit they guessed at a number, and says it was their best estimate at the time, in 2010, which the minister calls "a long time ago."

Chan also says anyone who thinks the $239-million figure won't change before the Games start in the summer of 2015 is not being realistic, but he insists it could go down as well as up.

The Progressive Conservatives say it's clear Chan has no control over the Pan Am file and should go..