Water levels, flood threat recede in northwestern New Brunswick community

PERTH-ANDOVER, N.B. - Waters are receding in the northwestern New Brunswick village of Perth-Andover, bringing relief to the community that was devastated by flooding two years ago.

A massive ice jam breached the Grand Falls dam north of the community early Sunday and started heading for Perth-Andover, prompting concerns the St. John River would spill its banks.

But spokeswoman Justine Waldeck said today the jam passed safely through the village, coming to a rest downstream above Beechwood where another patch of ice is located.

She says the water levels went down further overnight.

Waldeck says a voluntary evacuation order issued Wednesday and affecting 49 homes could be lifted today if the situation remains the same.

Earlier in the week, River Watch warned that Perth-Andover could see flooding reminiscent of March 2012 when flood waters caused extensive damage and forced the evacuation of 185 homes.