A noteworthy exchange from question period Tuesday in the House of Commons

OTTAWA - The Canadian Press is always on the lookout for noteworthy or zesty exchanges on the floor of the House of Commons. Here is today's selection from Question Period, when Employment Minister Jason Kenney found himself in the spotlight as controversy continued to rage over the government's temporary foreign worker program.

NDP immigration critic Jinny Sims: We are talking about Canadians losing jobs, but the Conservative mismanagement is responsible for that. The government has had six years to fix this program. Six years to make sure good jobs aren't being taken from Canadians. But the government has only made matters worse, and they have failed Canadians, and have failed temporary foreign workers. Will the minister do the right thing, admit he was wrong and immediately ask the auditor general to launch an independent audit?

Employment Minister Jason Kenney: Well, that's not what she said to me, Mr. Speaker, when she wanted me to bring a crane operator in to an employer in her constituency. That's not what the NDP said when they asked for a (labour market opinion) exemption for foreign musicians coming to Canada, against the advice of the Canadian union of musicians. That's not what the NDP said when they lobbied me to give them an exemption for people coming into the computer gaming industry because it's in one of their ridings; a business wanted a sectoral exemption, Mr. Speaker. Unlike the Opposition, this government will ensure the integrity of this program; we will always ensure that Canadians come first."