Living alongside rotting whale not an option, says Newfoundland mayor

CAPE ST. GEORGE, N.L. - People living in Cape St. George, N.L., aren't sure what to do with a dead whale that's settled along their shoreline.

But Mayor Peter Fenwick says letting the 12-metre sperm whale simply rot is out of the question.

Fenwick tried to sell the carcass on eBay, but the ad was taken down for violating a policy on animals and wildlife products.

He says at least two people have since expressed interest in removing the whale, which the town is now offering for free.

The federal Fisheries Department says it's not responsible for the whale because it's within the town's boundaries.

Fenwick says the carcass is in good shape, though it appears someone sliced through the whale's belly.

Whale rescue expert Wayne Ledwell says it could take a couple of months for the carcass to decompose once it's cut open, if the community is willing to put up with the stench.