Saskatchewan raises fines for illegal hunting and fishing activities

REGINA - Saskatchewan has increased fines for illegal hunting and fishing.

Environment Minister Ken Cheveldayoff (SHEV'-uhl-DAY'-off) says penalties have more than doubled for serious infractions.

For instance, unlawfully hunting from a vehicle is now punished by a $1,000 fine — up from $500.

The fine for fishing during closed times has doubled to $400, plus $50 a fish to a maximum of $2,000.

Cheveldayoff says the province wanted to set a strong deterrent to those who abuse its natural resources.

The changes result from a survey of anglers and hunters in 2012 and from a recommendation by a government committee.

“Hunters and anglers contribute a great deal of time, money, and effort to conserve our natural resources,” Cheveldayoff said. “Our hunting and angling laws are designed to achieve management objectives and to ensure the ethical harvest of our fish and wildlife.”