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Monday, 7 Jan 2013

EXCLUSIVE-U.S. nuclear lab removes Chinese tech over
security fears

A leading U.S. nuclear weapons laboratory recently
discovered its computer systems contained some Chinese-made
network switches and replaced at least two components because of
national security concerns, a document shows

(HUAWEI-ALAMOS/), pix, by Steve Stecklow, 940 words)

Thursday, 10 Jan 2013

SPECIAL REPORT-The next act in the foreclosure horror show:
zombie titles

Five years after the U.S. real-estate crash, thousands of
homeowners are finding themselves legally responsible for houses
they had no idea they still owned --- some of them being
prosecuted and even facing threat of jail -- as banks walk away
from foreclosures.



Sunday, 30 Dec 2012

SPECIAL REPORT - OKADA-PHILIPPINES -"Casino tycoon's big bet
on a Philippine fixer"

pdf: http://link.reuters.com/rut84t

Japanese billionaire Kazuo Okada was facing a crisis: work
on his dream casino by the bay in Manila was going nowhere.
Instead of a world-class resort packed with Chinese
high-rollers, Okada, 70, was sitting on a $300-million patchwork
of reclaimed and undeveloped land in November 2009 that was
threatening to become a money pit. He needed help from the
administration of then President Gloria Arroyo and it came
through. But payments of $40 million to a local fixer known as
"Boysie", first disclosed by Reuters, is now the subject of
potential bribery investigations in the United States and the

(OKADA-PHILIPPINES/ by Nathan Layne, Taro Fuse and Kevin
Krolicki, pix and graphics, around 3,000 words)

Friday, 28, Dec 2012

SPECIAL REPORT-Behind the sanctions on Iran

pdf link: http://graphics.thomsonreuters.com/12/12/IranSanctions.pdf

WASHINGTON - In interviews, senior U.S. and European
officials describe the intense diplomatic maneuvering they
undertook to enact new sanctions against Iran without causing an
oil shock. Obama warned allies that oil sanctions were the only
way to avert a new war between Israel and Iran. U.S. envoys
pressed Iraqi, Libyan and, above all, Saudi officials to pump up
their own crude supplies. Washington and its allies massaged
skittish oil markets with carefully calibrated messages. U.S.
diplomats journeyed to southern Iraq to inspect plans for new
oil terminals that could help blunt the loss of Iranian
shipments. The challenge, American officials said, was to clamp
down on Iran's oil exports while mitigating the risks of an oil

Mohamed, Justyna Pawlak and Warren Strobel, 3500 words)

Thursday, 27 Dec 2012

SPECIAL REPORT: Myanmar's deep mine of old troubles

pdf link: http://link.reuters.com/jyq84t

map graphic: http://link.reuters.com/far84t

Myanmar's crackdown on protests against a mine owned by
military and Chinese investors sparked nationwide outrage. It
dented the reformist credentials of President Thein Sein, a
former general whose quasi-civilian government replaced a
decades-old dictatorship in 2011 and underscored how, after a
year of often breathtaking change, the bad old Myanmar still
looms over the new.

(MAYNMAR-REFORMS/ by Andrew Marshall, pix, graphic, 2,600

Thursday, 27 December, 2012

SPECIAL REPORT - Chesapeake, McClendon endure rocky year,
more uncertainty ahead

The stock price of his energy company is down nearly 30
percent. The board stripped him of his chairmanship amid
scandal. Today, his estimated billion-dollar personal fortune
has shrunk by more than half. Aubrey McClendon, 53, endured a
trying year running the second-largest natural gas producer in
the United States, Chesapeake Energy Corp. But as corporate,
state and federal probes into McClendon and the company
continue, 2013 isn't looking much easier.


Thursday, 27 December, 2012

SPECIAL REPORT - How the UK tax authority got cozy with big

pdf: http://link.reuters.com/juk84t

LONDON (REUTERS) - Big companies in Britain now pay less tax
than they did 12 years ago despite a big jump in profitability,
a Reuters analysis of official data shows. Tax campaigners say
the trend is the clearest signal yet that tax avoidance has
blossomed under a more business-friendly strategy at the UK tax
authority Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC)

0900gmt, 2700 words

Sunday, 16 December, 2012

SPECIAL REPORT - Stalking the Taliban's banker

PDF: http://link.reuters.com/deb64t

video: http://reut.rs/Td8HTO

graphic hawala trade: http://link.reuters.com/huz54t

graphic Opium prices: http://link.reuters.com/juz54

KABUL - Haji Khairullah Barakzai is the ultimate Afghan
success story. An illiterate village boy-turned-currency tycoon
who became fabulously rich thanks to a lifetime of hard work,
unerring street smarts and God's favour. To the U.S. Treasury
Department, he is one of the biggest bankers to the Taliban, the
architect of an underground network that converts opium grown in
the poppy fields of his native southern Afghanistan into cash.
The showdown between Khairullah and his pursuers opens a rare
window into another kind of war, where financial intelligence
trumps firepower, and captured territory is measured in frozen
accounts. It is a war which, so far, the West has been losing.
(By Matt Green, pix, tv, graphics around 2,700 words)


Thursday, 20 December, 2012

SPECIAL REPORT - "The deserving poor" - Part 3 in the
income-inequality series.

pdf: http://link.reuters.com/jaq64t

In an era featuring one of the highest degrees of income
inequality on record in the United States, Indiana stands out in
two ways. It has seen the second-sharpest rise in poverty levels
of any American state in the past two decades, and it has
undertaken one of the most aggressive efforts to change the
system of benefits for the poor, with mixed results.


Wednesday, 19 December, 2012

SPECIAL REPORT - The end of the "great equalizer" - Part 2
in the income-inequality series.

Pdf: http://link.reuters.com/haq64t

Why Massachusetts, home to America's best schools and
universities, has seen income inequality soar: the "great
equalizer" in society, education, isn't working the way it's
supposed to.


Tuesday, 18 December, 2012

SPECIAL REPORT - Redistributing up - Part 1 of series on
income inequality.

Pdf: http://link.reuters.com/faq64t

In Washington DC, the city where America launched a war on
poverty in 1968, the rich are getting richer because of
government and the poor are getting poorer in spite of it.


Monday, December 17

SPECIAL REPORT-Greece's triangle of power

PDF: http://link.reuters.com/xet64t

A nexus of media, business and politics lies behind the
country's crisis, say critics, and the interwoven interests
hinder efforts to reform the economy. A look at how the
country's media operate. (GREECE-MEDIA (SPECIAL REPORT, PIX,

Sunday, December 16

SPECIAL REPORT-EU threat spotlights perfume makers' secrets

PDF: http://link.reuters.com/cuh64t

PARIS - Luxury perfume brands fear the European Union is
about to introduce measures that could cripple the $25 billion
industry in the name of protecting consumers against allergies.
New laws could severely curb or ban natural ingredients used in
vintage best-sellers and put some perfume makers out of
business. But Brussels' proposed legislation is also causing a
stir for another reason. It sheds light on the best-kept secret
in the trade: many big brands have been tweaking their formulas
moving at 0700gmt, by Astrid Wendlandt, 1850 words)

SPECIAL REPORT-Jane's Jihad: a four-part series

In this four-part reconstruction of the case of Jihad Jane,
Reuters found the plot to murder Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks
proved far more farcical than frightful, far more absurd than

Friday, December 7


PDF: http://link.reuters.com/seg54t

Saturday, December 8


PDF: http://link.reuters.com/teg54t

Sunday, December 9


PDF: http://link.reuters.com/veg54t

Monday, December 10


PDF: http://link.reuters.com/weg54t

Thursday, December 6

SPECIAL REPORT-Amazon's billion-dollar tax shield

PDF link: http://link.reuters.com/fyx44t

Reuters looks at how Amazon uses its Luxembourg businesses
to avoid tax, and highlights the way multinationals reduce their
taxes by parking intellectual property in tax havens and
charging affiliates big fees for using it. (TAX-AMAZON/ (SPECIAL
REPORT, PIX, GRAPHIC), by Tom Bergin, moved, 2,000 words)

SPECIAL REPORT - The music banker's big score

PDF: http://link.reuters.com/jef44t

This story reveals the business of making loans against
music royalties. Specifically, we profile the business of one
music lender in Beverly Hills that has made a decades-long
career by providing fast-cash to musicians against their
royalties. His clients include the songwriters behind big-name
hits, but some of those clients also have big gripes. Reuters
found numerous high interest loans and lawsuits where musicians
complain about his business practices. (MUSIC-BANKER(SPECIAL
REPORT-PIX,GRAPHICS), moved, by Robin Respaut and Atossa Araxia
Abrahamian, 2,620 words)

** CORRECTED VERSION FILED - Corrects name of Advanced
Royalty Tracking. Corrects identity of person who signed fax
sent to Robert Besser

Wednesday, 5 Dec 2012

SPECIAL REPORT-How foreign firms tried to sell spy gear to

PDF link: http://link.reuters.com/xus44t

LONDON - Documents show that a partner of Chinese
telecommunications firm Huawei offered to sell Iran a
Huawei-developed system that could enable monitoring of the

SPECIAL REPORT, PIX) by Steve Stecklow, subscribers to
Special Reports expect at 0800gmt on Wednesday, 2,300 words

Tuesday, 04 December, 2012

SPECIAL REPORT-Behind US race cases, a little-known

Sometime in the next few months, the U.S. Supreme Court will
decide two cases that could fundamentally reshape the rules of
race in America. In one, a young white woman named Abigail
Fisher is suing the University of Texas over affirmative action
in college admissions. In the other, an Alabama county wants to
strike down a law that requires certain states to get federal
permission to change election rules. If they win, the names
Fisher and Shelby County, Ala., will instantly become synonymous
with the elimination of longstanding minority-student
preferences and voting-rights laws. But behind them is another
name, belonging to a person who is neither a party to the
litigation nor even a lawyer, but who is the reason these cases
ever came to be. He is Edward Blum, a little-known 60-year-old
former stockbroker.

USA-COURT/CASEMAKER (special report/pix)

SUNDAY, 2 December, 2012

SPECIAL REPORT-Why some new countries are more equal than

PDF link is here: http://link.reuters.com/wym34t

A Reuters examination of more than a dozen key indicators in
the 31 nations founded or reconstituted since 1990 shows just
how steep a climb South Sudan, the world's newest country,

(SPECIAL REPORT, PIX, GRAPHICS) by Peter Apps, subscribers
to Special Reports expect at 0700 gmt on Sunday Dec. 2, 1,500

FRIDAY, 30 November, 2012

SPECIAL REPORT - Greece's pension crisis


While foreign investors were dumping Greek government bonds,
the country's pension funds - part run by the national bank -
kept holding them, and even bought a few more. The purchases may
have helped the Greek government, but they have left pension
funds and pensioners with big losses. Who is to blame and what
should be done about it?


Thursday, 29 Nov, 2012 @ 8 pm EDT

SPECIAL REPORT: Bank of Japan at the Crossroads

pdf link: http://link.reuters.com/pew34t

Rating Shirakawa: http://link.reuters.com/nah34t

Ballooning balance sheet: http://link.reuters.com/fan93t

Japan's deflation: http://link.reuters.com/dan93t

The Bank of Japan is at crossroads. The institution that
pioneered zero-rate quantitative easing policy a decade ago has
adopted a cautious approach under its chief Masaaki Shirakawa,
one of QE architects who over the years grew increasingly
skeptical about its merits. But it is nearly certain that when
Shirakawa's term ends next April he will be replaced with
someone more willing to listen to politicians' calls for more


Tuesday, 27 November, 2012

SPECIAL REPORT: In youth-crazed Silicon Valley, older execs
face age bias

pdf: http://link.reuters.com/daz24t

Older executives in the U.S. tech industry say they
increasingly face age bias in a culture that extols fresh ideas
and young programmers willing to toil through the night. Chief
executives in their 20s, led by Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, are
lionized, in part because of their youth. Many investors state
bluntly that they prefer to see people under 40 in charge. Yet
the youth worship undercuts another of Silicon Valley's
cherished ideals: that anyone smart and driven can get ahead in
what the industry likes to think of as an egalitarian culture.
To many, it looks like simple age discrimination - and it's
affecting people who wouldn't fit any normal definition of old.
Some are resorting to hipster outfits, hair dye and cosmetic
surgery. 1900 words.


Tuesday, Nov. 20

SPECIAL REPORT-Plunder preserves fragile peace in South

pdf: http://link.reuters.com/kud24t

JUBA- Just 16 months after breaking away from its old
masters in Khartoum, South Sudan seems caught between principles
and pragmatism. The rulers of the world's newest nation have
fostered a system of patronage and rewards to provide stability,
but that has fuelled rampant corruption that undermines the
ideals of the country's liberators and its foreign backers


SPECIAL REPORT-How Libor fixing became business as usual
among traders

Pdf: http://link.reuters.com/gew93t

The Libor manipulation scandal has centered on a few traders
at a handful of banks, but as a Reuters investigation shows,
fudging the numbers to achieve the desired rate had become the
m.o. for trading desks since the '90s.


November 16, 2012

SPECIAL REPORT-Myanmar military's next campaign: shoring up

pdf: http://link.reuters.com/fuk93t

graphic http://link.reuters.com/rym93t

NAYPYITAW - Aung Thaw was a teenager when he joined
Myanmar's armed forces, which seized power in 1962 and led a
promising Asian nation into half a century of poverty, isolation
and fear. Now 59, he has a new mission as deputy minister of
defense: explaining why the military intends to retain a
dominant role in a fragile new era of democratic reform.

two sidebars: "In Myanmar, a monument to military conceit"
and "Massacre allegations haunt Myanmar's Christie Island"


Thursday, 15 November, 2012

SPECIAL REPORT - The other new Sudan

pdf: http://link.reuters.com/vuk93t

KHARTOUM - The birth of South Sudan last year created two
new nations: the south itself and a new, smaller version of
Sudan, the state from which the south seceded. Sixteen months
on, the Arab-dominated north and its president are grappling
with huge challenges, not least widening splits within the
ruling party.


Wednesday, 14 November, 2012

SPECIAL REPORT-South Sudan's Chinese oil puzzle

pdf: http://link.reuters.com/qeb93t

JUBA - As South Sudan's leaders shift from waging war to
running a state, the country's oil is proving one of the
trickiest puzzles. How South Sudan uses its oil, which accounts
for almost all of the country's income, and how it builds its
relationship with China, will largely determine whether or not
it prospers.

0630GMT, by Alexander Dziadosz, 3,300 words

Tuesday, 13 November, 2012

SPECIAL REPORT - How a prosperous California exurb turned
itself into a basket case

PDF link: http://link.reuters.com/keh73t

San Bernardino's decades-long journey from prosperity to
bankrupt, crime-ridden basket case is surprisingly
straightforward-and alarmingly similar to the path travelled by
many cities around America's largest state. A Reuters
examination of city data finds that little by little, over many
years, the salaries and retirement benefits of city workers-and
especially its police and firemen-grew richer and richer, even
as the city lost major employers and gradually got poorer and
poorer. Unions poured money into city council elections, and the
city council poured money into union pensions. Calpers, which
manages pension plans for many cities including San Bernardino,
encouraged ever-sweeter benefits. Investment bankers sold clever
bond deals to pay for them. Last August it all blew up.


Monday, 12 November, 2012

SPECIAL REPORT - Greece's far-right party goes on the

pdf link is here: http://link.reuters.com/rut83t

ATHENS - In Greece the nationalist party Golden Dawn has
risen from fringe group to third in the polls. The party
combines welfare for impoverished Greeks with a pledge to remove
all illegal immigrants. An examination of how Golden Dawn
operates, what it stands for and how far its influence now
reaches (SPECIAL REPORT, PIX, GRAPHIC) by Dina Kyriakidou,
subscribers to Special Reports expect at 0900 gmt, 2,300 words)


Sunday, 11 November, 2012

Special Report - Witnesses tell of organized killings of
Myanmar Muslims

pdf link: http://link.reuters.com/jav83t

The story has exclusive material on the origins of the
recent violence against Myanmar's Rohingyas and who is
instigating it.


Friday, 09 November, 2012

SPECIAL REPORT - Elkann's Fiat

PDF link http://link.reuters.com/meh73t

As controlling shareholder of Italian carmaker Fiat, John
Elkann faces a harsh choice. The rules of economics dictate that
Fiat should shut one of its five Italian auto factories, since
demand for cars in Italy may never reach pre-crisis levels
again. But Elkann, 36, is under intense pressure from the
Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti (who happens to be a family
friend) to find a way to keep making Fiat cars in Italy. How
long can Fiat's sense of "owing" Italy oblige it keep it making
cars in its native land even when it's losing money here?


Thursday, Nov. 8, 2012

SPECIAL REPORT: Why Germany backed out of BAE/EADS: the
inside story



TOULOUSE/BERLIN - We trace German Chancellor Angela Merkel's
veto on the proposed tie-up back through internal documents and
accounts to decades of resentments and clashes about Germany's
secondary role to the French and UK in an industry synonymous
with national strategic ambitions.


November 1, 2012

SPECIAL REPORT- Starbucks's European tax bill disappears
down $100 million hole


Reuters continues its investigation into Starbucks and the
coffee chain's relationship with the tax man. Starbucks told
investors it made a $40 million profit in Europe in 2011, but
accounts filed for its UK, German, and French units, which make
up 90 percent of European revenues, showed a loss of $60
million. Did the coffee giant lose $100 million in the year
prior to filing its tax returns? Far from it. An examination of
Starbucks accounts in Germany and France shows the firm employed
the same tactics there that Reuters recently showed it uses in
the UK: reporting losses to the taxman while boasting healthy
cash flows to investors.


(Created by Chris Kaufman)