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Cancer studies often downplay chemo side effects: study

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U.S. faces shortages of flu vaccine, Tamiflu treatment

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Judge won't block New York City circumcision law

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A Manhattan federal judge refused to block a New York City regulation requiring people who perform circumcisions and use their mouths to draw away blood from the wound on a baby's penis to first obtain written consent from the parents. U.S. District Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald on Thursday refused to issue a preliminary injunction against the change to the city's health code, which some members of the city's Orthodox Jewish communities called an unwarranted government intrusion on religious freedom.

Heart attack pattern shifted after Katrina: study 2013-01-11T014908Z_1_BRE90A02H_RTROPTC_0_US-HEARTATTACKS-KATRIN A.XML () -

San Diego mayor orders end to city war on marijuana dispensaries

SAN DIEGO (Reuters) - San Diego Mayor Bob Filner declared an end on Thursday to the city's legal war on medical pot with a letter to city authorities ordering civil prosecutors to "stop the crackdown on marijuana dispensaries." Filner, a Democrat who was sworn in December 1, said in the letter sent to the police chief, city attorney and the city's Neighborhood Code Compliance Department that such shops could still be scrutinized for other code violations like any other business.

Bioengineer developing needle-free "nanopatch" vaccines

LONDON (Reuters) - When it comes to protecting millions of people from deadly infectious diseases, Mark Kendall thinks a fingertip-sized patch covered in thousands of vaccine-coated microscopic spikes is the future. A biomedical engineer with a fascination for problem solving, he has developed the so-called "nanopatch" to try to transform delivery of life-saving vaccines against potential killers like flu and the HPV virus that causes cervical cancer.

FDA advisory panel backs J&J diabetes drug approval 2013-01-10T224326Z_1_BRE9091BE_RTROPTC_0_US-JOHNSONJOHNSON-DIAB ETES.XML () -

FDA warns on insomnia drugs, suggests lower doses 2013-01-10T164302Z_1_BRE9090WU_RTROPTC_0_US-FDA-WARNING-INSOMNI ADRUGS.XML () -

Screen time not linked to kids' physical activity

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Cutting back kids' time watching TV and playing video games may not encourage them to spend more of the day running around outside, a new study suggests. Just four in 10 U.S. kids met dual national guidelines for getting enough physical activity and for limiting "screen time," researchers found - but the likelihood of kids exercising regularly didn't depend on whether they kept away from screens.

Study finds increase in unused transplant livers

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The number of donor livers thrown away in the U.S. has increased since 2004 due - in part - to a population growing older and heavier, according to a new study that also points to changes in medical practice that may make some donor livers less viable. "The rationale for looking at this question in the first place is that the number of liver transplants done in the U.S. has gone down," said the study's lead author Dr. Eric Orman, a fellow at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.