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Riots over Egyptian death sentences kill at least 32

PORT SAID, Egypt/CAIRO - At least 32 people are killed when Egyptians rampage in protest at the sentencing of 21 people to death over a soccer stadium disaster, violence that compounds a political crisis facing Islamist President Mohamed Mursi.(EGYPT-ANNIVERSARY (UPDATE 8, PIX, TV), moved, by Yusri Mohamed and Yasmine Saleh, 1,000 words)

French, Malian forces capture Gao rebel stronghold

KONNA, Mali/PARIS - French and Malian forces fighting Islamist rebels take control of the rebel bastion of Gao, the biggest military success so far in an offensive against al Qaeda-allied insurgents occupying the country's north. (MALI-REBELS/ (UPDATE 5, PIX, TV, GRAPHICS), moved, by Richard Valdmanis and Yann Le Guernigou, 1,000 words)

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Patriot missiles to defend Turkey against Syria go active

ADANA, Turkey - The first of six Patriot missile batteries being sent by NATO countries to defend Turkey from possible attack from Syria go operational. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is fighting rebels whose backers include Turkey. (SYRIA-CRISIS/PATRIOT, moved, by Yesim Dekmin, 450 words)

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Thousands march against gun violence in Washington

WASHINGTON - Thousands of marchers rally in Washington in favor of gun control, including residents of Newtown, Connecticut, where a mass elementary school shooting reignited the U.S. gun violence debate. (USA-GUNS/MARCH (UPDATE 1), moved, by Ian Simpson, 500 words)


Leading Senate liberal Harkin of Iowa to retire

DES MOINES - Senator Tom Harkin, a veteran Iowa Democrat and one of the most liberal senators, says he will not seek re-election in 2014, putting at risk what was considered a safe Democratic seat. (USA-POLITICS/HARKIN (UPDATE 5, PIX), expect by 2330/6:30 PM ET, by Kay Henderson, 550 words)


Venezuela's Chavez overcomes infection, treatment continues

SANTIAGO/CARACAS - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has overcome a respiratory infection, but is still being treated for breathing problems after cancer surgery last month, a government minister says. (VENEZUELA-CHAVEZ/ (UPDATE 2), expect by 0000/7 PM ET), by Fabian Cambero and Brian Ellsworth, 250 words)

Haiti's road to reconstruction blocked by land disputes

PORT AU PRINCE - An unfinished road has become a symbol of how efforts to improve Haiti's infrastructure, especially after the devastating 2010 earthquake that killed more than 200,000 people, have run up against the country's land laws. (HAITI-LAND/ (FEATURE, PIX), moved, by Susana Ferreira, 1,200 words)


Iraqi Sunnis mourn protesters shot dead by troops

FALLUJA, Iraq - Thousands of Iraqi mourners rally for the funerals of Sunni Muslim protesters shot dead by troops, voicing anger at Shi'ite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. (IRAQ-PROTESTS (UPDATE 1), moved, by Kamal Naama, 600 words)


Leftist ex-PM Zeman wins Czech presidential election

PRAGUE - Leftist former prime minister Milos Zeman wins the Czech Republic's first direct presidential election, beating a conservative opponent he had accused of favouring foreign interests in a bitter campaign. (CZECH-ELECTION/ (UPDATE 2, PIX, TV), moved, by Jan Lopatka, 550 words)