Reuters Odd News Summary

Following is a summary of current odd news briefs.

China parliament: no flowers, gifts and keep speeches short

BEIJING (Reuters) - No flowers, no banquets, no gifts, no welcoming ceremonies and more importantly no useless long-winded speeches -- Chinese state media on Wednesday laid out strict instructions for this year's annual meeting of parliament. Normally a bastion of sycophancy, as the hand-picked delegates seek to out-compete each other in lauding the Communist Party, the official Xinhua news agency said that would change when the largely rubber stamp parliament meets in March.

Nudists lose bid to block San Francisco ban on baring all

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Nudists in famously tolerant San Francisco lost a bid on Tuesday to block a city ban on nakedness in public places, when a federal judge threw out a legal challenge that argued public nudity was akin to political expression. San Francisco city leaders last month approved the ban on baring it all in streets, public plazas and the transit system to curtail public nudity, which some residents and business owners complained had gotten out of control.

Japanese husbands shout their love for wives in public

TOKYO (Reuters) - Love was in the air in a Tokyo park as normally staid Japanese husbands gathered to scream out their feelings for their wives, promising gratitude and extra tight hugs. With modesty and reticence traditionally valued over outspokenness, expressing deeper feelings like love has long been hard in Japan.

Florida man's license restored as state drops fraud allegation

MIAMI (Reuters) - Florida's Department of Motor Vehicles said on Tuesday it had lifted the suspension of a South Florida man's driving license after it accused him of fraud for adopting his wife's last name. "It was a mistake on our part," Florida DMV spokesperson Kirsten Olsen-Doolan said. "The suspension will be lifted."

New Mexico woman held for locking girl in a cage: police

SANTA FE, New Mexico (Reuters) - Police in New Mexico found an 8-year-old girl locked in a cage in a darkened mobile home, authorities said on Tuesday, adding that they charged the girl's adoptive mother, who had gone to the movies, with child abuse. Cindy Patriarchias, 33, and her boyfriend were arrested after police found the caged girl on Friday evening, Las Cruces Police Department spokesman Dan Trujillo said.

At Downsize Fitness gyms, the slender need not apply

NEW YORK (Reuters) - At Downsize Fitness health clubs, the treadmills are wider, the head trainers are weight-loss veterans and new members must be at least 50 pounds (22.7 kgs) overweight. It's all about creating a more welcoming environment to battle the bulge and drop the excess weight.