Ten Chadian soldiers killed in northern Mali

N'DJAMENA, Feb 24 (Reuters) - Ten Chadian soldiers were killed in operations targeting al Qaeda-linked Islamist rebels along northern Mali's mountainous border with Algeria, Chad's army said on Sunday.

The Chadian troops were carrying out operations in an area of the Adrar des Ifoghas mountains where 13 Chadian soldiers and 65 al Qaeda-linked rebels were killed in clashes on Friday.

"In the course of the clean-up operations, the bodies of 28 other terrorists were found in the combat zone ... Ten more of our soldiers fell," said a statement from the army general staff read on state radio.

"The final toll from the clashes ... and clean-up that followed is as follows: 93 terrorists ... on the side of the enemy. We deplore the deaths of 23 soldiers and 30 wounded," the statement said. (Reporting by Madjiasra Nako; Writing by Joe Bavier; Editing by Jason Webb)