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Kenyatta takes early lead as Kenya counts votes

NAIROBI - Kenyan presidential hopeful Uhuru Kenyatta opens up an early lead as ballots are counted in an election that brought out millions of voters despite pockets of violence that killed at least 15 people. (KENYA-ELECTIONS/(UPDATE 4, PICTURE, TV), expect by 1230 GMT/7.30 AM ET, by Yara Bayoumy and Richard Lough, 1,000 words)

China bets on consumer-led growth to cure social ills

BEIJING - China's new rulers will focus on consumer-led growth to narrow the gap between rich and poor while taking steps to curb pollution and graft, the government says, tackling the main triggers for social unrest in the giant nation. (CHINA-PARLIAMENT/(WRAPUP 2, PICTURE, TV, GRAPHICS), moved, by Kevin Yao and Aileen Wang, 1,100 words)

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Chavez's breathing problems worsen, has severe new infection

CARACAS - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's breathing problems have worsened and he is suffering from severe new respiratory infection as he struggles to recover from cancer surgery, government says. (VENEZUELA-CHAVEZ/ (UPDATE 3, PICTURE, TV), moved, by Daniel Wallis, 665 words)

US, China in tentative deal on UN N.Korea sanctions draft-envoys

UNITED NATIONS - The United States and China strike a tentative deal on a draft U.N. Security Council sanctions resolution that would punish North Korea for its third nuclear test last month, U.N. diplomats say. (KOREA-NORTH/UN (UPDATE 2), moved, by Louis Charbonneau and Michelle Nichols, 535 words)

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New technocrat government mooted after Italy polls stalemate

ROME - President Giorgio Napolitano is considering appointing a new technocrat government headed by a non-politician as one way out of Italy's political stalemate, political sources says. (ITALY-VOTE/ (PICTURE, TV), expect by 1130 GMT/6.30 AM ET, by Steve Scherer, 700 words)

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Bulgarian miners join protest wave over job fears

SOFIA - Hundreds of Bulgarian miners, railway and power plant workers march through Sofia over possible job cuts, adding to a wave of demonstrations that have felled a government and undermined the European Union's poorest economy. (BULGARIA-GOVERNMENT/ (PICTURE), expect by 1200 GMT/7 AM ET, by Tsvetelia Tsolova, 700 words)

Two Frances on one street in "lazy" tyre worker town

AMIENS, France - The U.S. tyre executive who infuriated the French by calling workers at a doomed Goodyear factory "not worth saving" might have formed a different impression of France had he visited the Dunlop factory across the street. (FRANCE-GOODYEAR/(PICTURE), moved, by Nicholas Vinocur, 1,000 words)


Malaysian troops attack armed Philippine group in Sabah

KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysian troops backed by fighter jets attack an armed Filipino group, trying to end a standoff on Borneo island after violence that killed at least 27 people and spark fears of broader insecurity in the resource-rich area. (MALAYSIA-PHILIPPINES/ATTACK (UPDATE 4, PICTURE, TV), expect by 1200 GMT/7 AM ET, by Al-Zaquan Amer Hamzah, 900 words)

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Sixteen men given jail time in Afghan bank scandal

KABUL - An Afghan court hands down jail time to 16 of 22 men accused of involvement in a multi-million dollar bank fraud in sentences that will likely be seen as an affirmation of Afghanistan's commitment to fighting corruption. (AFGHANISTAN-KABULBANK/ (PICTURE, TV), moved, by Hamid Shalizi, 430 words)


Budget crisis calms as Republicans seek to avoid shutdown

WASHINGTON - The U.S. fiscal crisis eases as President Barack Obama calls opposition lawmakers anew to find a way to stop $85 billion in damaging budget cuts and congressional Republicans announce a plan to prevent a government shutdown. (USA-FISCAL/ (WRAPUP 2), moved, by David Lawder and Richard Cowan, 1,000 words)

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BP spill report ignored phone call on key test -lawyer

NEW ORLEANS - BP's own investigation of the 2010 Gulf of Mexico spill ignored a phone call between BP supervisors about a critical pressure test that was misinterpreted with deadly consequences, a lawyer for rig owner Transocean Ltd contends in aggressive questioning. (BP-SPILL/TRIAL (UPDATE 1), moved, by Stephanie Grace, 560 words)

Community colleges' cash crunch threatens Obama's retraining plan

PALATINE, Ill. - Some schools rally around a football team. Harper College has rallied around a number. When President Barack Obama called for 5 million more community-college graduates by the end of the decade to boost U.S. competitiveness, this commuter school 30 miles (48 km) northwest of Chicago figured out it would need to produce 10,604 additional graduates to do its part. (USA-COMMUNITYCOLLEGES/ (INSIGHT), moved, by Andrew Sullivan, 1,500 words)