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Global leaders, celebrities honor Chavez at funeral

CARACAS - From Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to U.S. Oscar-winner Sean Penn, eclectic mix of mourners bid farewell to Venezuela's Hugo Chavez at funeral for charismatic but divisive leader who changed face of South American politics. (VENEZUELA-CHAVEZ/ (UPDATE 8, PIX, TV), expect by 2345 GMT/6.45 PM ET, by Daniel Wallis and Mario Naranjo, 1,117 words)

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UN hopes to retrieve peacekeepers from Syria rebels on Saturday

BEIRUT/UNITED NATIONS - Unsafe conditions prevented the release of 21 U.N. peacekeepers held by Syrian rebels, but a new attempt to retrieve the men would be made on Saturday, the United Nations and a Syrian opposition group say (SYRIA-CRISIS/PEACEKEEPERS (UPDATE 3), moved, by Dominic Evans and Michelle Nichols, 835 words)

New sanctions on N.Korea may be tougher, impact in doubt

UNITED NATIONS - New U.N. steps against North Korea over its nuclear arms program were designed to bring that sanctions regime more in line with tough restrictions Iran faces, but fears remain that measures will have little impact on Pyongyang's defiant leaders. (KOREA-NORTH/SANCTIONS (ANALYSIS), moved, by Louis Charbonneau, 900 words)

U.S. to step up pressure on North Korea over human rights

WASHINGTON - United States will lead push at UN Human Rights Council in Geneva next week to create commission to scrutinize North Korea, adding new form of international pressure on nuclear saber-rattling state. (USA-KOREA/RIGHTS, expect by 2400 GMT/7 PM ET, by Paul Eckert, 918 words)

Kenya vote count gives Kenyatta chance of victory

NAIROBI - Kenyan authorities tally votes late into night and likely to miss self-imposed deadline to announce results that day in presidential race that seems to put Uhuru Kenyatta on course for outright victory. KENYA-ELECTIONS/ (UPDATE 6, PIX, TV), moved, by George Obulutsa and James Macharia, 963 words)


U.S. investigators tracked bin Laden son-in-law for years before arrest

WASHINGTON - U.S. investigators tracked Suleiman Abu Ghaith, son-in-law of Osama bin Laden, for years before he was detained in Jordan and brought by FBI to New York City in past few days, U.S. officials familiar with investigation say. (USA-MILITANT/TRACKING, expect by 2400 GMT/7 PM ET, by Mark Hosenball, 995 words)

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Obama to visit Capitol Hill four times next week

WASHINGTON - President Obama rarely makes short trip to Capitol Hill from White House, but next week his motorcade will tie up traffic on Pennsylvania Avenue as he tries to persuade Congress to come to deficit deal. (USA-FISCAL/OBAMA, moved, by Roberta Rampton, 471 words)

Sturdy U.S. job gains offer bright sign for economy

WASHINGTON - U.S. employers add greater-than-expected 236,000 workers to their payrolls in February and jobless rate falls to four-year low, offering bright signal on economy's health. (USA-ECONOMY/ (WRAPUP 7), moved, by Lucia Mutikani, 888 words)


Trudeau would win next Canadian election for Liberals, poll shows

OTTAWA - Liberals would return to power in next Canadian election if, as expected, they choose son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau to head party, according to opinion poll. (CANADA-TRUDEAU/ (UPDATE 1), moved, 609 words)

Colombia's ELN guerrillas free two Germans hostages

BOGOTA - Colombia's second-largest guerrilla group frees two German men that rebels held since November, International Committee of the Red Cross says. (COLOMBIA-REBELS/GERMANS (UPDATE 3, TV), moved, by Jack Kimball, 362 words)


Conclave to elect new pope to start March 12

VATICAN CITY - Roman Catholic cardinals will enter conclave to elect successor to Pope Benedict on March 12, Vatican says, with no clear favourite emerging so far to take charge of troubled Church. (POPE-SUCCESSION/START (UPDATE 4, PIX, TV), moved, by Crispian Balmer, 707 words)


Pakistan supply routes open, but move gear slowly into Afghanistan

WASHINGTON - It is least expensive way to get food and fuel to U.S. troops in Afghanistan. But eight months after Pakistan re-opens its ground supply routes for NATO war effort, hardly any new cargo has taken that path into landlocked country. (PAKISTAN-USA/AFGHANISTAN, moving shortly, by Phil Stewart and David Alexander, 887 words)

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Protestors, police clash at Guinea opposition march

CONAKRY - Protesters clash with Guinean police at march by thousands of opposition supporters in coastal capital Conakry, latest in more than week of violence stemming from dispute over legislative elections. (GUINEA-CLASHES/ (UPDATE 1), moved, by Saliou Samb, 467 words)

Sudan, South Sudan agree to withdraw forces from buffer zone

ADDIS ABABA - Sudan and South Sudan agree to order their forces out of demilitarised border zone within week, mediator says, possibly opening way to resumption of oil exports from south. (SUDAN-SOUTH/BORDERS (UPDATE 2), moved, by Aaron Maasho, 474 words)