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As Venezuelans mourn Chavez, election to be held in April

CARACAS - Venezuela will hold a presidential election on April 14, officials say, as acting President Nicolas Maduro tries to benefit from an emotional outpouring for his late mentor, Hugo Chavez, and win his own term in office. (VENEZUELA-CHAVEZ/ (UPDATE 6, PIX, TV), moved, by Simon Gardner and Terry Wade, 600 words) + See also:

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Kenyatta declared winner of Kenya's presidential vote

NAIROBI - Uhuru Kenyatta, indicted for crimes against humanity, is declared winner of Kenya's presidential election, but rival Raila Odinga says he would challenge the outcome in court and asks supporters to avoid violence. (KENYA-ELECTIONS/ (UPDATE 6, TV, PIX), moved, by Richard Lough and Duncan Miriri, 1000 words) + See also:

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Egypt protesters torch buildings, try to target Suez Canal

PORT SAID, Egypt/CAIRO - Egyptian protesters torch buildings in Cairo and try to disrupt the Suez Canal as a court ruling on a deadly soccer riot stokes rage in a country struggling with deepening security problems. (EGYPT-RIOT/ (UPDATE 7, PIX, TV), moved, by Yousri Mohamed and Marwa Awad, 950 words)

Freed U.N. peacekeepers cross into Jordan from Syria

BEIRUT - Twenty-one United Nations peacekeepers held by rebels for three days in southern Syria cross into Jordan, after an ordeal which highlighted how Syria's civil war is ratcheting up tensions on its volatile borders. (SYRIA-CRISIS/PEACEKEEPERS (UPDATE 4), moved, by Dominic Evans, 650 words)


Obama dials down budget blame in new tack on deficit fight

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama says he is looking for compromise in the coming months to end a two-year fight with Congress over how to reduce the deficit, promising Americans in his weekly radio address that he will try to find common ground with lawmakers. (USA-FISCAL/OBAMA, moved, by Roberta Rampton, 400 words) + See also:

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Falklands votes in sovereignty referendum

STANLEY, Falkland Islands - Residents of the remote Falkland Islands vote in a sovereignty referendum aimed at challenging Argentina's increasingly aggressive claim over the British-ruled territory. (FALKLANDS-REFERENDUM/, expect by 0400/11 PM, pix, tv, by Juan Bustamante, 700 words)


Vienna Philharmonic lifts lid on Nazi history

VIENNA - The world-famous Vienna Philharmonic orchestra will publish details of its history during the Nazi era on Sunday, responding to years of accusations of a cover-up. (AUSTRIA-ORCHESTRA/NAZIS, moving shortly, by Georgina Prodhan, 700 words)

Trend make Jews wary, 75 years after Nazis annexed Austria

VIENNA - After decades of airbrushing it out of history, Austria has come a long way in acknowledging its Nazi past, and the 75th anniversary on Tuesday of its annexation by Hitler's Third Reich will be the occasion for soul-searching. But Jewish leaders who fought hard to win restitution after World War Two are on guard against a rising trend in anti-Semitic incidents, occasionally condemned by Austrian political leaders but seen more generally as a regrettable fact of life. (AUSTRIA-JEWS/, expect by 0600/1 AM ET, by Georgina Prodhan, 1,400 words)

Radical cleric detained in Britain for breaching bail terms

LONDON - A British judge sends radical Muslim cleric Abu Qatada back to jail for breaching his bail terms, two days before the government begins an appeal against a court decision blocking his deportation to Jordan. (BRITAIN-QATADA/ (UPDATE 1), moved, 500 words)

Italy court rules hospitalised Berlusconi can attend trial

MILAN - Court doctors rule that Silvio Berlusconi is able to attend a tax fraud appeal, rejecting the Italian ex-prime minister's complaint that an eye ailment prevented him leaving hospital and sparking furious protests from his allies. (ITALY-BERLUSCONI/APPEAL (UPDATE 1), moved, 550 words)


Saudi Arabia jails two prominent activists for 10 years

RIYADH - A Saudi Arabian court sentences two prominent political and human rights activists to at least 10 years in prison for offences that included sedition and giving inaccurate information to foreign media. (SAUDI-ACTIVISTS/PRISON (UPDATE 1), moved, by Angus McDowall, 500 words)


Hagel's reintroduction to Afghan war begins with bombing

KABUL - Chuck Hagel's first full day in Afghanistan as U.S. defense secretary begins with the sound of a suicide bombing about a mile (kilometre) away from one of his morning briefings. (AFGHANISTAN-USA/HAGEL), moved, by Phil Stewart, 600 words)


Nigerian Islamists say executed seven foreign hostages

RIYADH/LAGOS - A Nigerian Islamist group says it has killed seven foreign hostages seized last month from a construction firm's compound in northern Nigeria, where Islamist insurgents have killed hundreds over the past two years. (NIGERIA-HOSTAGES/ (UPDATE 2), moved, 600 words) + See also:

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S.Africa's Mandela back in hospital for "routine test"

JOHANNESBURG - Former South African president Nelson Mandela hospitalized for a "routine test", his second period of hospital treatment in less than three months, the government says. (SAFRICA-MANDELA/ (UPDATE 1), moved, 250 words)