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Venezuela election race starts, opposition at disadvantage

CARACAS - Venezuela has fired the starting gun in a highly charged election race likely to pit Hugo Chavez's preferred successor, acting President Nicolas Maduro, against centrist opposition leader Henrique Capriles. (ENEZUELA-ELECTION/ (PIX, TV), moving at 0600 GMT, by Simon Gardner and Terry Wade, 500 words)

- VENEZUELA-CHAVEZ/DEATH (PIX, TV), moved, by Marianna Parraga, 600 words

Kenyatta declared winner of Kenya's presidential vote

NAIROBI - Uhuru Kenyatta, indicted for crimes against humanity, is declared winner of Kenya's presidential election, but rival Raila Odinga says he would challenge the outcome in court and asks supporters to avoid violence. (KENYA-ELECTIONS/ (UPDATE 6, TV, PIX), moved, by Richard Lough and Duncan Miriri, 1000 words)

- KENYA-ELECTIONS/KENYATTA (NEWSMAKER), moved, by James Macharia, 930 words

- KENYA-ELECTIONS/ODINGA (NEWSMAKER), moved, by James Macharia, 950 words

Egypt protesters torch buildings, try to target Suez Canal

PORT SAID, Egypt/CAIRO - Egyptian protesters torch buildings in Cairo and try to disrupt the Suez Canal as a court ruling on a deadly soccer riot stokes rage in a country struggling with deepening security problems. (EGYPT-RIOT/ (UPDATE 7, PIX, TV), moved, by Yousri Mohamed and Marwa Awad, 950 words)

Freed U.N. peacekeepers cross into Jordan from Syria

BEIRUT - Twenty-one United Nations peacekeepers held by rebels for three days in southern Syria cross into Jordan, after an ordeal which highlighted how Syria's civil war is ratcheting up tensions on its volatile borders. (SYRIA-CRISIS/PEACEKEEPERS (UPDATE 4), moved, by Dominic Evans, 650 words)


China restructuring to boost efficiency, fight corruption

BEIJING - China unveiled a government restructuring plan on Sunday, cutting cabinet-level entities by two and dissolving its powerful Railways Ministry, as the country's new leaders look to boost efficiency and combat corruption. (CHINA-PARLIAMENT/MINISTRIES (UPDATE 2), moved, by Michael Martina, 500 words)

- CHINA PARLIAMENT/POLLUTION (PIX), moved, by Sui-Lee Wee and Adam Jourdan, 1,081 words

Bellicose N.Korea forces China to shift stance on old friend

BEIJING - Six months ago China's state media was lauding North Korea as a great place to invest as both countries tried to promote a cross-border economic zone. One nuclear test, a long-range rocket launch and much sabre-rattling later and China is a central player in new U.N. sanctions against Pyongyang, something Chinese experts say marks a major shift in Beijing's policy toward its impoverished neighbour. (KOREA-NORTH/CHINA (ANALYSIS, GRAPHIC), moved, by Ben Blanchard and Sui-Lee Wee, 1,311 words)


Obama dials down budget blame in new tack on deficit fight

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama says he is looking for compromise in the coming months to end a two-year fight with Congress over how to reduce the deficit, promising Americans in his weekly radio address that he will try to find common ground with lawmakers. (USA-FISCAL/OBAMA, moved, by Roberta Rampton, 400 words)


Vienna Philharmonic lifts lid on Nazi history

VIENNA - The world-famous Vienna Philharmonic orchestra will publish details of its history during the Nazi era on Sunday, responding to years of accusations of a cover-up. (AUSTRIA-ORCHESTRA/NAZIS, moved shortly, by Georgina Prodhan, 700 words)

- AUSTRIA-JEWS/, moved, by Georgina Prodhan, 1,400 words


Nigerian Islamists say executed seven foreign hostages

RIYADH/LAGOS - A Nigerian Islamist group says it has killed seven foreign hostages seized last month from a construction firm's compound in northern Nigeria, where Islamist insurgents have killed hundreds over the past two years. (NIGERIA-HOSTAGES/ (UPDATE 2), moved, 600 words)

- NIGERIA VIOLENCE/, moved, 300 words


Falklands sovereignty referendum rejected by Argentina

STANLEY, Falkland Islands - Residents of the Falkland Islands vote on Sunday in a sovereignty referendum aimed at countering Argentina's increasingly assertive claim over the British-ruled territory. (FALKLANDS-REFERENDUM/ (PIX, TV), moved, by Juan Bustamante, 600 words)


Beatles' secretary, 'Good Ol' Freda,' breaks silence in film

AUSTIN, Texas - For Freda Kelly, secretary to the Beatles and head of the band's fan club, work sometimes involved trailing the Fab Four to the barber shop, sweeping their locks from the floor and mailing strands of hair to adoring female fans. Kelly, one of the Beatles' longest-serving employees, worked for the British band for more than a decade but had never shared her stories publicly until now. (FILM-BEATLES/SECRETARY (UPDATE 1, PIX), moved, by Corrie MacLaggan, 632 words)