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Italy, Greece say hostages in Nigeria were killed

ROME/ATHENS - Seven foreign hostages kidnapped last month by a Nigerian Islamist group from a construction firm compound have been killed, the Italian and Greek Foreign Ministries say. (NIGERIA-HOSTAGES/ (UPDATE 3), expect by 1630 GMT/11.30 AM ET, 500 words)

Peace holds in heartlands of Kenya's election losers

KISUMU/MOMBASA, Kenya - Strongholds of defeated presidential candidate Raila Odinga are peaceful, apparently reflecting a desire by Kenyans to avoid a repeat of the bloodshed that followed the last election five years ago. (KENYA-ELECTIONS/ (PICTURE), moved, by Hezron Ochiel and Drazen Jorgic, 630 words)

Cardinals pray on last pope-less Sunday before conclave

VATICAN CITY - Roman Catholic Cardinals pray in public and in private for spiritual guidance before entering a closed-door conclave to choose a new leader for the Church at a difficult period in its history. (POPE-SUCCESSION/ (UPDATE 1, PICTURE, TV), expect by 1545 GMT/10.45 AM ET, by Philip Pullella, 700 words).

Venezuela election race kicks off in shadow of Chavez death

CARACAS - Venezuela fires the starting gun in a highly charged election race likely to pit deceased leader Hugo Chavez's preferred successor, acting President Nicolas Maduro, against centrist opposition leader Henrique Capriles. (VENEZUELA-ELECTION/ (UPDATE 1, PICTURE, TV), expect by 1530 GMT/10.30 AM ET, by Simon Gardner and Terry Wade, 750 words)


Russia puts dead whistleblower in the dock

MOSCOW - Russia puts a dead whistleblowing lawyer in the dock on Monday in a posthumous trial that relatives and critics say is a show by President Vladimir Putin's government to take revenge and make a criminal of him. (RUSSIA-MAGNITSKY/, expect by 1600 GMT/11 AM ET, by Alissa de Carbonnel, 670 words)

In vote, resource-rich Greenland debates a new global role

NUUK, Greenland - Island of just 57,000 people, courted by China and Europe for its untapped mineral resources, holds a general election on Tuesday. (GREENLAND-ELECTION/ (PICTURE), moved, by Alistair Scrutton, 1,360 words)

Fugitive financier's life reads like thriller

BERLIN - Italy's famed Uffizi Gallery provides fittingly colourful backdrop for the arrest on fraud charges of fugitive German financier Florian Homm who has spent the last five years evading justice and alleged death threats. (GERMANY-HOMM/, expect by 1715 GMT/12.15 PM ET, by Gareth Jones, 700 words)

German liberals gear up for tough election battle

BERLIN - Germany's Free Democrats, Angela Merkel's junior coalition allies, say they will wage an election campaign based on fiscal discipline and liberal social policies but opinion poll highlights the scale of the challenge they face. (GERMANY-FDP/ (PICTURE, TV), expect by 1715 GMT/12.15 PM ET, by Sarah Marsh and Thorsten Severin, 700 words)

Vienna Philharmonic lifts lid on Nazi history

VIENNA - The Vienna Philharmonic orchestra is to publish details of its history during the Nazi era, responding to years of accusations of a cover-up. (AUSTRIA-ORCHESTRA/NAZIS, moved, by Georgina Prodhan, 710 words)

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Egypt inflation jumps as currency slides, hurting poor

CAIRO - Egyptian inflation has leapt as a sliding local currency pushes up food prices, badly hurting the poor who are suffering most during the country's economic, political and security crisis.(EGYPT-INFLATION/ (UPDATE 3), expect by 1715 GMT/12.15 PM ET, by Alexander Dziadosz and Yasmine Saleh, 750 words)


Falklands votes in sovereignty referendum

STANLEY, Falkland Islands - Residents of the Falkland Islands start voting in a sovereignty referendum that seeks to counter Argentina's increasingly assertive claim over the British-ruled territory. (FALKLANDS-REFERENDUM/ (UPDATE 2, PICTURE, TV), expect by 2000 GMT/3 PM ET, by Juan Bustamante, 790 words)


U.S. pro-Israel group claims Hagel fight as a victory

WASHINGTON - J Street, a liberal Jewish-American lobbying group, barely five years old and once shunned by top Israeli officials, is claiming as a victory the fact that Chuck Hagel was confirmed as U.S. defense secretary despite opposition from more conservative Jewish groups. (USA-ISRAEL/JSTREET, moved, by Patricia Zengerle, 1,100 words)


Afghanistan's Karzai criticises U.S., exposing tension

KABUL - Afghan President Hamid Karzai ratchets up his criticism of Washington during a visit of the U.S. defense secretary, underscoring tension between allies struggling to stabilise the country. (AFGHANISTAN-USA/TALKS (UPDATE 4, PICTURE, TV), moved, by Mirwais Harooni and Phil Stewart, 640 words)