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Cardinals head to conclave, Church beset by woes

VATICAN CITY - Roman Catholic cardinals gather under the gaze of Michelangelo's "Last Judgment" on Tuesday to elect a new pope to tackle the daunting problems facing the 1.2-billion-member Church. (POPE-SUCCESSION/ (PIX, TV, GRAPHICS), moved, by Crispian Balmer, 654 words)

Capriles, Maduro at each other's throats in Venezuela

CARACAS - Presidential candidates Nicolas Maduro and Henrique Capriles begin Venezuela's election race with scathing personal attacks even as mourners still file past Hugo Chavez's coffin. (VENEZUELA-ELECTION/ (UPDATE 5), moving shortly, by Andrew Cawthorne and Mario Naranjo, 1,200 words)

- VENEZUELA-CHAVEZ/REGION (ANALYSIS, PIX, TV), moved, by Terry Wade, 1,000 words

- VENEZUELA-ELECTION/MADURO (NEWSMAKER, PIX), moved, by Daniel Wallis, 1,350 words

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Violations in Syria intensify as war worsens - UN

GENEVA - Syrian government intensifies its shelling of cities and deploys more local militia, while rebels executing prisoners condemned in their own makeshift courts without due process, U.N. investigators say. (SYRIA-CRISIS/WARCRIMES (UPDATE 3, PIX), moved, by Stephanie Nebehay, 783 words)

- SYRIA-CRISIS/EU, moved, by Adrian Croft and Justyna Pawlak, 557 words


China's Xi flexes muscle, chooses reformist VP - sources

BEIJING - A reformist member of China's decision-making Politburo, Li Yuanchao, is set to become the country's vice president this week instead of a more senior and conservative official best known for keeping the media in check, sources said. (CHINA-PARLIAMENT/LI (PIX), moved, by Benjamin Kang Lim and John Ruwitch, 797 words)

- CHINA-PARLIAMENT/GRIPES (PIX), moved, by Terril Yue Jones and Fang Yan, 583 words

- CHINA-ECONOMY/POLICY, moved, by Kevin Yao, 1,066 words

North Korea business park keeps running despite tensions

PAJU, South Korea - North Korea tears up armistice that ended its 1950s conflict and shuts down humanitarian hotline with South, but one project keeps operating at full swing -- industrial park run with South on its own side of world's most heavily militarised border. (KOREA-NORTH/KAESONG (PIX, TV), moved, by Ju-min Park, 595 words)

- KOREA-NORTH/USA-DONILON (UPDATE 2), moved, 252 words


Kenya chief justice pledges fair election challenge hearing

NAIROBI - Kenya's Supreme Court will handle any challenge to result of last week's presidential election in fair and speedy manner, chief justice says two days after defeated candidate Raila Odinga threatened legal action over outcome. (KENYA-ELECTIONS/ (UPDATE 1, TV), moved, by James Macharia and Humphrey Malalo, 784 words)


German anti-euro party makes public debut, buoyed by poll

OBERURSAL, Germany - New German party that considers euro "fatal mistake" makes its public debut, buoyed by opinion poll suggesting one in four Germans shares its concerns, but its prospects in September's national election remain dim. (GERMANY-EUROSCEPTICS/ (UPDATE 2), moved, by Ludwig Burger, 844 words)

Italy centre-right lawmakers protest Berlusconi trial

MILAN - Dozens of parliamentarians from Silvio Berlusconi's centre-right party demonstrate outside the Milan court hearing the former Italian prime minister's trial on charges of paying for sex with a minor. (ITALY-BERLUSCONI/ (UPDATE 3, PIX, TV), moved, by Sara Rossi, 609 words)


Obama meets Arab American leaders ahead of Middle East trip

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama meets Arab American leaders who urged him to deliver a message of hope to Palestinians on his Middle East trip this month, even though he has made clear he will not use the visit to launch a new peace initiative (OBAMA-MIDEAST/, moved, 450 words)

Judge blocks NY large-soda ban, Mayor Bloomberg to fight

NEW YORK - New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg vows to appeal a judge's ruling that struck down his pioneering ban on large sugary drinks sold by the city's restaurants, movie theaters and other food service businesses (SODABAN-LAWSUIT/ (UPDATE 4, PIX), moved, by Joseph Ax, 900 words)


Falkland Islands vote to stay British in referendum

STANLEY, Falkland Islands - Residents of barren and blustery Falkland Islands expected to vote overwhelmingly to stay under British rule in referendum that inflames long-running sovereignty dispute with Argentina. (FALKLANDS-REFERENDUM/ PIX, TV, expect by GMT/ET, by Juan Bustamante, 700 words)