ANA says Dreamliner jet had problem with AC power supply

TOKYO (Reuters) - One of All Nippon Airways' 787 Dreamliner jets, made by Boeing Co, had a cockpit message saying that the aircraft might not be able to supply power for its air-conditioning system, the Japanese airline said on Thursday.

The issue was not related to the lithium ion battery problems that had grounded the jets for three months from mid-January, Ryosei Nomura, an ANA spokesman, said.

All Dreamliner jets are under the microscope after Boeing installed a re-designed battery system and they resumed flying. Last week, two United Airlines Dreamliner jets were diverted due to separate oil-related problems.

More than 100 passengers who were supposed to fly on the ANA jet from Tokyo to Frankfurt on Thursday ended up taking a different plane that departed nearly eight hours later than originally scheduled, Nomura said.

ANA fixed the problem by exchanging components of a computer that controls electricity supply to the air-conditioning system, said Shinsuke Satake, another company spokesman.

(Reporting by Yoko Kubota; editing by Jane Baird)