Portugal government beats no confidence vote, but crisis not over

LISBON (Reuters) - Portugal's centre-right ruling coalition on Thursday easily defeated a motion of no confidence against the government in parliament, demonstrating a mended unity after an internal rift earlier this month set off a political crisis.

The main opposition Socialists and the two smaller left-wing parties backed the motion, garnering just 87 votes in a 230-seat parliament. All the deputies present from the main ruling Social Democrats and their rightist partner CDS-PP voted against the motion that had been tabled by a small Green party.

The Socialists are in talks with the two ruling coalition parties on a broad agreement to end the political crisis and keep the country's 78 billion euro EU/IMF bailout on track. The moderate opposition party has said its vote is consistent with a similar stance in April and does not impact the talks.

(Reporting By Andrei Khalip, editing by Shrikesh Laxmidas)