ECB 'double checking' whether further measures are needed: Jazbec

DUBROVNIK Croatia (Reuters) - The European Central Bank is assessing whether further measures are needed to boost the euro zone economy, policymaker Bostjan Jazbec said on Thursday, adding he would support large-scale asset purchases if necessary.

Jazbec said on the sideline of an economic conference in Dubrovnik that the central bank was now "double checking" whether further measures would be needed after the ECB cut interest rates to record lows last week and launched measures to pump money into the sluggish euro zone economy.

"I will of course support it (quantitative easing) if things will be well prepared to have an effect and if that will be needed at all," Jazbec told Reuters.

Jazbec, governor of the Slovenian central bank, said further interest rates cuts were generally still possible, but he did not think that would be necessary in the very near future.

(Reporting by Marja Novak; Editing by Ruth Pitchford)