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Estonia sets to increase minimum salary 1n 2014


TALLINN, Nov. 29 (Xinhua) -- The Estonian government announced to rise the minimum salary by 35 euros (47.5 U.S. dollars) to reach 355 euros per month from Jan. 1, 2014, said the Estonian Public Broadcasting Friday.

The government said a further 35 euros will be increased one year later, making the minimum salary in Estonia to hit 390 euros per month, much higher than the current 320 euros.

The minimum hourly wage will climb from 1.90 euros to 2.13 in 2014 and to 2.34 euros a year later, the government added in its Thursday's announcement.

Since 2012, the Estonian authorities has begun to rise the minimum salary to break the frozen level of 278.02 euros monthly for four years. The salary stood at 138.05 euros about 10 years ago.

The average salary gross in Estonia for now remains 930 euros per month.