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Multiple explosions kill at least 9 in central Syria


Multiple explosions kill at least 9 in central Syria

DAMASCUS, May 25 (Xinhua) -- Three explosions tore through the central Syrian city of Homs on Sunday, causing at least 9 people dead and over 20 injured, local officials said.

One booby-trapped car went off in the pro-government district of Zahra, killing at least eight and injuring 20, according to an official source from the Homs governorate government.

Meanwhile, another car blew up under a bridge near the Homs oil refinery, leaving one dead, said the source.

Syrian official media SANA have reported both incidents and called them actions by "terrorists."

Also in Homs, another explosion took place in the al-Fakhura roundabout, causing unknown number of injuries in addition to material damage, according to the Homs government.

Deaths and injuries caused by suicide bombing and mortar attacks have become a daily occurrence in the government held city, especially as the presidential elections draw near.

The Syrian government has been calling on people to actively participate in the presidential voting slated for June 3, but the opposition called for a boycott and vowed to disrupt the election process.