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Qantas cuts 450 call centre jobs


Qantas cuts 450 call centre jobs

SYDNEY, May 28 (Xinhua) -- Qantas will cut 450 jobs from its call centers in Brisbane and Melbourne in its bid to shed 5,000 jobs,the airlines announced Wednesday.

The Brisbane call center, which employs around 200 workers, would be closed by 2016, while its Melbourne center, which employs 250 employees, would close by mid-2015.

Employees in the Brisbane and Melbourne call centers will be offered re-deployment to Hobart where the airlines will base its call center operations in a single facility by 2016.

Qantas Domestic chief executive officer Lyell Strambi said the move was designed to improve efficiency.

"We are facing some of the toughest conditions Qantas has ever seen, which means we have to look at ways to become more efficient and remain competitive," Strambi said in a statement.

"Having call centers in three different states presents a number of challenges including property costs, duplication of management and operational complexity."

Because a major rise in online bookings there has been a dramatic fall in the number of people contacting call centres with the amount halved since 2005.

Strambi said consolidating three Australian call centers into one would save costs.

"We are proud that we answer calls from Australia, in Australia, but it is not efficient to have three sub-scale facilities," he said.

"These are decisions we make in full knowledge of the impact on our people, but also the need to protect thousands of Australian jobs across the Qantas Group by taking action to strengthen our company."