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Poland, Germany FMs talk over Ukrainian issue


WARSAW, July 23 (Xinhua) -- Polish Foreign Minister, Radoslaw Sikorski met German Foreign Minister Walter Steinmeier on Wednesday to discuss regional safety issued and recent events in Ukraine.

During the conference, Sikorski stressed that the meeting took place while the increasingly serious crisis in Ukraine is still developing.

"Shooting a Malaysian passenger plane spilled the cup of bitterness," said Sikorski during the press conference, while expecting so-called third phase of EU sanctions

So far, the EU has expanded the blacklist to 72 Russian people and two companies accused of supporting the destabilization of Ukraine.

Sikorski stressed that the purpose of sanctions is not to show "how tough we are," but to influence the behavior of the other side.

Sikorski underlined that Poland and Germany would work together so that "Europe would develop good decisions that could change the course of events in Ukraine."

The two countries also sought for the EU to be "effective in its dialogue with Russia."

Steinmeier was a guest to an annual meeting of ambassadors held in Warsaw.