NK-China trade

SHENYANG, China, March 22 (Yonhap) -- China's import of North Korean fishery products resumed after a week-long suspension, presumably linked with Pyongyang's warlike rhetoric towards the outside world, a media report said Friday.

China News Service, a semi-official media outlet, said that after Pyongyang escalated tensions by threatening to attack the United States, inbound shipments of North Korean shellfish to Hunchun, a city near the North's eastern border, and other border areas were almost suspended.

However, import of North Korean crabs and clams returned to the normal level in Dandong, another key trade location in Liaoning Province, it said citing Chinese traders.

Chinese traders said they could not bring in as much North Korean seafood as they used to because of China's strengthened customs inspections, but the volume of the imports is not small compared to China's demand for North Korean seafood, the news agency said. The overall North-China trades are proceeding normally, it added.

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