NK-UNSC sanction

SEOUL, March 22 (Yonhap) -- North Korea on Friday blasted the U.N. Security Council (UNSC) resolution that condemns its nuclear test and made clear sanctions will have no effect on the country.

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), the communist country's official news outlet, said the sanction motion passed on March 7 aims to disarm the country and stifle the economy. The sanctions were imposed after the country detonated its third nuclear device on Feb. 12, despite stern warnings from the international community.

However, it said that despite persistent anti-North Korean actions taken by the United States, experience has shown all such measures will fail.

Pyongyang claimed that the UNSC resolution that calls for the tightening of sanctions is the result of Washington's unlawful pressuring of other members at the council. It said outside sanctions represent an unacceptable challenge to the country's sovereignty and will never be tolerated.

The KCNA also said that the United States has been engaged in a comprehensive embargo that not only targets the state and companies but people as well.

Citing a report compiled by a U.S. committee which reviewed the impact of decades-old sanctions, the media outlet said from 1945 through 2005, measures take by Washington resulted in US$13.73 trillion worth of damages to the North. The total includes the $1.16 trillion in losses caused when the United States failed to keep its 1994 pledge to build two light water reactors for the North.

The article then touched on the collapse of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, and claimed there is no guarantee that United States will not follow in the same footsteps as the two countries.

It then said by standing up to threats, the North has played a historic role in opening the door that can lead to the eventual decline of the United States.

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