LG Siltron-acid leak

GUMI, South Korea, March 23 (Yonhap) -- Mixed acid has leaked from the LG Siltron plant in Gumi, raising concerns that the agents may have polluted the nearby area, local government authorities said Saturday.

The leak of hydrofluoric, nitric and acetic acids that took place late Friday marks the second time this month that the wafer company reported such an incident. The first incident took place on March 2.

Investigators at the industrial city located 261 kilometers southeast of Seoul said that event occurred when a pipe used to ship waste water from a semiconductor wafer production line experienced a minor rupture, causing the mixed acids to leak.

A company employee who reported the leak said he smelled something strange and found a very small crack in the pipe. There were a total of nine people near the ruptured pipe but no one was hurt. He said that the total amount of acid leaked could fill a paper cup and caused a 30-centimeter-wide discoloration on the plant floor.

LG Siltron, meanwhile, said that it reported the incident immediately to the fire department, with authorities checking to see if there was any environmental damage, and to and determine why the leak occurred in the first place.

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