companies-salary comparison

SEOUL, April 4 (Yonhap) -- SK Telecom Co., South Korea's top mobile operator, ranked the highest in a chart measuring the annual salary of employees in the country last year, data showed Thursday.

The average salary of 4,074 SK Telecom employees in 2012 came to 98.82 million won (US$87,949), topping other South Korean conglomerate units, according to the data by the Financial Supervisory Service. The data compiled the available data of companies that close their books on Dec. 31.

Hyundai Motor Co., the country's top automaker, came next with 94.33 million won, followed by Korea Exchange Bank with 90.95 million won, Kia Motors Corp. with 90.79 million won and LG International Corp. with 90.51 million won.

The average annual salary at Samsung Electronics Co. and LG Electronic Inc., the crown jewels of South Korean conglomerates Samsung Group and LG Group, came to 69.7 million won and 63.38 million won, according to the data.

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics topped a list measuring the average annual salary of registered executives.

The registered executives at the world's top smartphone, memory chip and flat-panel TV maker received 5.2 billion won in annual paychecks on average.

SK Holdings Co., the holding company of South Korea's No. 3 conglomerate SK Group, ranked second with 5.18 billion won and the country's top oil refiner SK Innovation trailed with 4.1 billion won, according to the data.

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