NK-China economic ties

SHENYANG, China, April 4 (Yonhap) -- The building of a new bridge linking North Korean and Chinese border cities is well underway despite rising tensions over Pyongyang's continued military threats to strike South Korea and the United States, sources in China said Thursday.

The construction work to build the bridge over the Amnok River, also known as the Yalu River in Chinese, linking the North Korean city of Sinuiju to China's Dandong is being carried out without a hitch, while at the same time, the North is claiming that it can go to war with its enemies, according to the sources.

The 2.22 billion Chinese yuan (US$358 million) project, financed by China, is a major symbol of close economic ties between the two neighbors.

The sources said the bridge may be open for traffic on July 2013 if construction moves forward on schedule.

China is reported to be adopting a series of punitive measures in line with recent United Nations' resolutions designed to penalize the North for its December long-range rocket launch and underground nuclear test in February.

Inter-Korean tensions are also rising as the communist country is continuing to issue military threats and warned it could pull its workers out of the Kaesong Industrial Complex that remains the only economic link with the South. Such a move will halt all operations at the border town.

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