Robert Downey Jr-'Iron Man 3'

SEOUL, April 4 (Yonhap) -- Hollywood star Robert Downey Jr. said Thursday that the global success of the "Iron Man" series still feels surreal, during a news conference in Seoul to promote the third sequel of the film series.

"Five years ago, I had really no idea whether it was going to be embraced by the public or not," Downey told reporters.

"I find myself looking at this poster and still sometimes wondering how this would happen. So my relationship over the years has become one of, a kind of increasing humility and a lot of gratitude."

He then expressed thanks to local fans, saying that South Korea has been such an important market for the action film series.

In the "Iron Man 3" film that is set to arrive in the country late this month, he once again portrays the technological super hero role from the previous two sequels and from the film 'The Avengers.' But the upcoming film is different from the others in that it focuses more on the human side of Tony Stark/ Iron Man, he says.

"While we were talking about making a third Iron Man, then I figured out we had to considerate in tandem with 'The Avengers'."

The actor says he thought that it might be interesting, fun and challenging if the hero was just a little bit traumatized by the experience from the attack of aliens in 'The Avengers.'"

"And also we figured it would be nice to get back to a little more of what we saw in the first 'Iron Man,' which is Tony in the suit a little bit less or only in parts of the suit or in developing a bunch of new suits for your viewing pleasure."

While the American public had high expectations of him, the new film takes the hero to a remote provincial town out of his own stronghold of big cities that have been the backdrop of previous sequels, the actor said.

"I think a lot of what occurs in 'Iron Man 3' is that he actually goes to the parts of America that aren't New York or Los Angeles. It is a road trip of sorts, and I think he gets back to an understanding that he is just a worker amongst workers and he is just another person, and I think that's actually very helpful to him."

He closed the news conference, asking for local fans to support the new film.

"I'm a pretty tough critic on these things and I think this third one is really worth a couple of hours to spend to go to see at a theater."

Downey arrived in Seoul Wednesday night to begin the worldwide promotional tour of the film.

After finishing schedules here, including attending a red-carpet event at a local theater on Thursday night, he is scheduled to leave for China Saturday.

"Iron Man 3" is set to open in local theaters on April 25, a week before its release in the United States.

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