S Korean mountaineer-record

SEOUL, May 20 (Yonhap) -- South Korean mountaineer Kim Chang-ho climbed all 14 Himalayan peaks of more than 8,000 meters without oxygen tanks, becoming the first from his country to do so and setting a world record for completing the climbs in the shortest span of time, the Korean Alpine Federation (KAF) said Monday.

Kim reached Mount Everest (9,848 meters), his 14th peak, around 9 a.m. Monday, the KAF said. It took him seven years, 10 months and six days to complete his challenge, about a month shorter than the previous record of seven years, 11 months and 14 days set by Polish climber Jerzy Kukuczka. The 43-year-old alpinist joins 13 others who completed the climbs without the help of oxygen.

Kim had taken on an eco-friendly mission as well by not using any fossil fuel in his expedition. Instead of using air travel or cars to start the climb at above sea level, his team started at sea level and traveled using kayaks, bicycles and by walking.

"On top of setting the national and world records, we also should highlight his environmental message," the KAF said.

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