Commission halts operation of two nuclear reactors due to fake parts

SEOUL, May 28 (Yonhap) -- The nuclear safety commission halted the operation of two nuclear reactors Tuesday, while also suspending the scheduled operation of two other reactors for substandard parts used in the reactors.

The Nuclear Safety and Security Commission said it has shut down two reactors - the Shin Kori Reactor 2 and Shin Wolseong Reactor 1 -- after learning that substandard parts supplied under fake quality warranties had been used in building them.

The commission has also suspended the scheduled resumption of operation of the Shin Kori Reactor 1, which had been undergoing regular maintenance.

In addition, the new Shin Wolseong Reactor 2, which is currently under a review for the start of its commercial operation, will not be allowed to begin operation until all substandard parts have been replaced, it said.

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