U.S. travel agency launches N. Korean beer tour package

SEOUL, Aug. 21 (Yonhap) -- A U.S. travel agency launched a tour package to allow people to savor quality North Korean beer that has been gaining considerable attention in recent months, a media report said Wednesday.

According to Washington-based Radio Free Asia (RFA), Uri Tours unveiled an eight-day-long program that would permit people to tour three microbreweries in Pyongyang. The first tour will leave for the communist country on Sept. 4.

The radio station monitored in Seoul said that Uri's latest tour package will allow visitors to taste the beers produced by Paradise Microbrewery, Taedonggang Craft Brewery and Yanggakdo Hotel Microbrewery.

Beer from these producers has been labeled by some Western media as being the best on the Korean Peninsula, exceeding the taste of those made in South Korea.

Echoing such views, a representative from Uri told RFA that some North Korean microbreweries are quite good and have received extensive coverage by the Western press. It claimed that after the package was announced there has been quite a number of U.S. citizens who said they want to go to the North.

Related to the tour, North Korean watchers in Seoul said there seems to be steady overseas demand for beer made in the impoverished country, particularly from North Korean restaurants operating in China.

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