Fast facts about S. Korea's multipurpose Arirang 5 satellite

YASNY, Russia, Aug. 22 (Yonhap) -- The following are quick facts about South Korea's multipurpose Arirang 5 satellite that is scheduled to be launched from Russia's Yasny launch site on Thursday.

-- The Arirang 5 is South Korea's fourth multipurpose satellite, and the first with a synthetic aperture radar that can observe the earth's surface even at night and regardless of weather conditions.

-- The satellite itself weighs 1,315 kilograms and about 1,400 kilograms when fully loaded with fuel.

-- The satellite has eight small thrusters that use hydrazine, an inorganic compound, as fuel to adjust its position in space.

-- The Arirang 5 took 283.1 billion won (US$212 million) and five years to be built.

-- The satellite was originally set to be launched in 2011 but has been delayed due to problems at the Yasny launch site, some 1,800 kilometers southeast of Moscow.

-- The satellite with circle the earth 15 times a day or once in about every 96 minutes in a sun synchronous orbit at an altitude of 550 kilometers.

-- The satellite will be launched using Russia's Dnepr three-stage booster, converted from an intercontinental ballistic missile.

-- The satellite will be deployed into its target orbit in just 914.2 seconds or 15 minutes and 14.2 seconds after its launch.

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