N. Korea's 're-defector' to stand to trial in Seoul

SEOUL, Sept. 11 (Yonhap) -- A North Korea defector with South Korean citizenship has been indicted on charges of illegally visiting Pyongyang, prosecutors here said Wednesday.

Kim Kwang-ho first entered South Korea in November 2009 along with his fiancee via Laos and Thailand, three months after escaping his home country, according to the prosecutors.

He obtained South Korean citizenship and gave birth to a daughter in Seoul, but his failure to adapt to life here prompted him to defect back to the North via China.

After the return, he appeared at a news conference at the North's state-run news agency earlier this year, blaming South Korea for allegedly luring him to Seoul.

Apparently also finding it hard to endure his life as a propaganda tool in Pyongyang, prosecutors said the man has fled his country again with his family in June this year and was arrested by the Chinese security police.

Since they are South Korean nationals, China sent them back to the South on Aug. 13. Kim was arrested upon arrival at Incheon International Airport, the main gateway to Seoul.

Kim is facing multiple charges of illegally entering North Korea, carrying out propaganda activities to praise the communist regime, in breach of South Korea's National Security Law, according to prosecutors.

"Kim is subject to legal punishment as he is a South Korean citizen, even though he was originally a North Korean defector," one of the prosecutors probing the case said.

The law bans South Korean citizens from making unauthorized trips to North Korea or praise, encourage or propagandize North Korean political ideas.

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