All 4 S. Korean junior weightlifters win medals in competition in N. Korea

SEOUL, Sept. 15 (Yonhap) -- All four junior weightlifters from South Korea have won medals in an international competition underway in North Korea, leading to the South Korean flag and anthem being raised and played in the communist nation for the first time.

Kwon Ye-bin won bronze in the women's junior 69 kilogram event at the Asian Cup and Interclub Weightlifting Championship on Friday, becoming the first South Korean athlete to raise the country's national flag in the North, according to the Korea Weightlifting Federation in the South.

Subsequently, Lee Jae-kwang won silver in the men's junior 94 kilogram event on Saturday.

Later on Saturday, Kim Woo-sik and Lee Young-gun, the only competitors in the 85 kilogram category, automatically won gold and silver. Kim's gold made it possible for the South Korean national anthem to be played in North Korea for the first time.

North Korea's state TV broadcast some of the events, including those involving Kim and Lee in Saturday's events as well as their medal ceremony. The recorded broadcast identified the two as South Korean athletes, with the South's national flag showing at the bottom of the screen.

The footage also briefly showed the South Korean flag rising during the medal ceremony.

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