Gov't aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2.8 pct next year

SEOUL, Oct. 22 (Yonhap) -- Hundreds of large companies will be required to cut their combined greenhouse gas emissions by 2.8 percent next year, the environment ministry said Tuesday, as part of efforts to attain the state's ultimate goal of a 30 percent reduction.

The Ministry of Environment said the government aims to cut the emissions to 589 million Co2 tons next year, based on a forecast that the combined amount of emissions from 560 firms would reach 660 million Co2 tons.

The ministry said it has set the 2.8 percent reduction goal jointly with three relevant ministries for the companies that will be subject to government monitoring for 2014.

"We hope the country will be able to attain the goal of a 30 percent reduction by 2020 through the greenhouse gasses and energy management system and the emissions trading system set to go into force in 2015," a government official said.

The government has led an energy frugality campaign with the goal of reducing the country's greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent from its business-as-usual level by 2020.

As part of the efforts to attain the goal, the government currently runs a program for setting a goal of combined gas emissions for companies emitting more than a certain amount of greenhouse gasses and monitoring the companies' performance in reducing emissions.

Companies emitting more than an annual average of 87,500 tons of Co2 are set to be targets of the program next year.

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