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Secret agent holds Poland in thrall

The true identity of Agent Tomasz, a lothario who has become a laughingstock, is unknown.

Marczuk-Pazura was arrested earlier this year with about $35,000 in a paper bag, money she says was payment her office was owed by Agent Tomasz for services. The CBA maintains it was a bribe.

Agent Tomasz was also involved in a bungled attempt to entrap Jolanta Kwasniewska, the wife of former Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski, an ideological foe of the rabidly anti-communist Kaminski.

The CBA was convinced that the Kwasniewskis were the secret owners of a house in Kazimierz Dolny, an attractive historic town about 100 miles from Warsaw. Agent Tomasz set up a deal to buy the house, paying the listed price of $600,000, but agreeing to pay an additional $550,000 in cash to the intermediary arranging the sale. The idea was that the intermediary would take the cash, which was stashed in a bag equipped with a GPS transmitter, to the Kawasniewskis, allowing the CBA to arrest them.

The plan collapsed during the signing, when the intermediary took the money out of the bugged bag, and handed the bag back to a startled Agent Tomasz. Fearing the loss of their money, CBA agents quickly stepped in, which killed the sting operation. Now the legal owner of the house no longer owns it, as the sale was officially notarized, but Agent Tomasz was using a fictitious name, and no money was transferred to pay for the house, so its final ownership is unclear, although it may be the state treasury.

After three spectacular operations, Agent Tomasz’s cloak-and-dagger career appears to be over. During his seduction of Marczuk-Pazura, one of her friends took a picture of the grinning Lothario, white teeth gleaming in a big grin with a shirt open halfway down his chest. Now that picture is making the rounds of the country. It has been sent to thousands of cell phones — his photo is the most popular downloaded message in Warsaw — and featured on the front pages of the country’s leading tabloids.

A parliamentary commission is now investigating Agent Tomasz, who got his start working as a beat cop before going on to do undercover operations.

Kaminski, his former boss who was recently fired by Prime Minister Donald Tusk for trying to entrap him in an unrelated scandal, is trying to defend his star agent.

In a recent interview, Kaminski claimed that Agent Tomasz had been involved in fighting international criminal gangs, and that his life was in danger, adding that his agent was not a gigolo.

Gigolo or not, the seductive Agent Tomasz’s days of speeding about in a government Porsche are done.