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Poland: Sex, drugs and scandal

Who said Polish politics was dull?

“I do not agree that, whether I am correct or not, someone in an arbitrary way and without discussion prevents me from expressing my views,” said Romaszewski, who was first suspended from and then quit PiS. “I am one of the few senators who knows the situation from up close, and no one asked by opinion before the vote on removing Krzysztof Piesiewicz’s immunity.”

For Kaczynski, who rules PiS with an iron fist, the issue came down to party discipline and to his long-running crusade against corruption, which has been a lynchpin of PiS’s electoral platform.

“Mr Romaszewski had a different opinion and he was punished,” said Kaczynski.

In the end the vote to remove Piesiewicz’s immunity failed, but on the strength of the majority of Civic Platform senators, and not because of the two PiS rebels. Instead of a scandal that damages the ruling party, Kaczynski has again turned the discussion to his tight control over PiS, something that is also likely to damage to re-election chances of his twin brother Lech, currently Poland’s president.

As for Piesiewicz, he has gone to ground, not even showing up for the immunity vote in the senate.

In one of his only interviews since his career blew up, Piesiewicz told a religious TV channel that he only blames himself for his “naiveté and thoughtlessness."

“We will see what will become of me. I’m waiting calmly for the media fuss to die down,” he said, adding that he will “never” know peace again.