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Wanderlust: Catholic priest becomes unlikely sex guru

In Poland, sex is divine. So is the "Catholic Kamasutra," apparently.

Her husband, Henryk Sikora, 41, was also impressed by Father Knotz's progressive views. "I was surprised that Father said sexuality was a gift from God and that we can use sexuality for our happiness and pleasure," he said.

Father Knotz said that the issue of "sinfulness of sexuality" keeps coming up.

According to him it's rooted back in the "neurosis of the 19th century," as well as the experience of the wars and the "many cases of rape that were not spoken about."

Typically, he said, the problem is that people confuse a sin with a bodily reaction, which makes them think being a Catholic is extremely difficult.

"But sin is a conscious, free human choice, in which I know that something is evil and I do it anyway," he said. "It is my mind that decided, not the body that decided."

He means that, for example, having an erection when seeing an attractive woman other than one's wife in itself isn't a sin, contrary to what many Catholics believe, because one cannot control the body's reaction. A sin is deciding to use the erection and do something unwise with it.

Sinning aside, it turns out that — in the context of marriage at least — oral sex is completely moral.

"Caressing the external genitals with your lips or tongue as an element of foreplay is morally acceptable and we must not perceive it as a sin," he writes on his website.

"The Church preaching would contradict itself claiming that some parts of a beloved person's body, such as mouth, breasts, thighs, buttocks, can be caressed and kissed, while others, such as genitals, cannot be kissed, caressed or touched."

On the flip side, anal sex is not a morally acceptable method of contraception, even though the incidence of it among heterosexuals in some Catholic countries is remarkably high.

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