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The GlobalPost Insider's Guide to World Cup 2010

All the scoop on the teams, the stars and the national psyches competing in South Africa.

(Photos by Reuters; Illustration by GlobalPost)

BOSTON — It’s not just 32 teams that are going to the 2010 World Cup. The hearts and souls of 32 countries are competing in South Africa too.

The World Cup is compelling because of the nexus of team and country — how each team is rooted in a nation’s history and culture and how the national psyche affects its performance (and vice versa).

GlobalPost’s World Cup 2010 Insider’s Guide takes advantage of our network of correspondents around the globe. We also describe — uniquely — each team's core, as only its fans at home understand it.

We reveal: why English, Dutch, Spanish and Mexican fans are consumed by a volatile mixture of hope and dread; why Argentines could turn on their greatest soccer hero; why Ivory Coast may be the great African hope; why the American team may feel less pressure than any; and why North Koreans may be the only fans unable to watch their team.

Our guide also delivers on soccer analysis — each team’s key players, tactics and Cup prospects. We hope you enjoy getting the inside scoop on the World Cup teams.


And then test your knowledge on our quiz.


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