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Full Frame: America at war

GlobalPost features the photographer Zoriah and speaks to him about his work.

A memorial/war protest consisting of make-shift coffins draped with American flags and one cross for each of the more than 4,000 U.S. military members killed in Iraq lies on the beaches of Santa Monica, Calif. in 2008. (Zoriah)

Full Frame features photo essays and conversations with photographers in the field.

About Zoriah: 

Zoriah is an award-winning photojournalist whose work has appeared in The New York Times, BBC News, The United Nations, CNN, NBC, PBS, NPR, The Wall Street Journal and elsewhere. With a background in disaster management and humanitarian aid, Zoriah specializes in documenting human crises in developing countries.

"I want you to observe and comprehend what others live through on a daily basis — to see what the Iraqi civilians and foreign soldiers see," Zoriah said. "I want people who follow my photography to understand that although I am able to bring images of war to the world in a form of art, what actually goes on here is horror. My message is not that war yields great photography. My message is: War yields human misery and suffering."

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