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Base jumper Jeb Corliss crashes into Table Mountain in Cape Town (VIDEO)

Base jumper Jeb Corliss crashed into Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa while filming HBO special.
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A video posted on YouTube shows base jumper Jeb Corliss crashing while attempting a jump off Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. (Screengrab/YouTube)

As far as iconic faces of base jumping go, Jeb Corliss is it. 

Corliss has become the face of the extreme sport. He is best known for jumping off landmarks around the world including the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Seattle Space Needle and he has even attempted to jump off the Empire State Building. That attempt ended in his arrest and subsequent lifetime ban from the building. 

For his latest stunt, Corliss was attempting a jump off Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, while being filmed as part of an HBO special.

A few moments after he lept from the mountainside in a wingsuit, something went horribly wrong, according to this video. 

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(Warning, a bit of explicit language.)


Corliss reportedly sustained leg injuries and was airlifted to a nearby private hospital. 

The Cape Times obtained information from hospital worker, Michelle Norris, who said Corliss is smiling through the injury claiming, “I feel better than I’ve ever felt."

While Corliss may feel fine about the incident, the Table National Park is not. Merle Collins, a spokesman for the park told the Cape Times,

The danger associated with base jumping does not allow us to issue permits. He did not have permission. We will definitely fine him and possibly press charges.

Collins also added that Corliss is very lucky to be alive. “He managed to release his emergency chute and we believe he would have died without it,” she said.

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The accident could have been caused by a number of factors including a strong gust of wind, Corliss coming too close to the edge, or a malfunction in his suit.

Insiders are speculating that this accident will not deter Corliss in his efforts to continue being the world's craziest stuntman.  Odds are he will be attempting a new jump the second the cast comes off.