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Wonder what Google is up to in India? An intriguing Q&A with the head of the company's India business in the Hindustan Times provides some clues.

Despite lagging Internent penetration, Rajan Anandan, head of Google India, says the web is at an "inflexion point," with users crossing 100 million -- two-thirds of whom access the web at work or cyber cafes rather than at home.

Moreover, the average Indian web user spend close to 16 hours a week online, two hours longer than the average time an Indian viewer spends watching TV, he said.  

Citing 20 million unique visitors to Google's Youtube site every month, Anandan said the company is exploring tie-ups with Bollywood producers and pushing to drive down the price of smart phones so that every movie fan can afford an Android. 

The kicker?

"Our objective is to open up the market such that we would want it to explode," Anandand said. "If you have an unlimited data plan with a Rs 3,000 smartphone you can see Bollywood videos all day all through your life."