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Poll shows Putin, Nobody leading over Medvedev

A new poll shows most Russians would want to see Putin run for president. Or neither Putin nor Medvedev.
Russia election poll 0Enlarge
"So, you and me and the devil makes three, right?" (NATALIA KOLESNIKOVA/AFP/Getty Images)

A new poll released by the Levada Center today shows that, if forced to choose, most Russians would want Vladimir Putin to return to the presidency – but that’s not what’s interesting.

The poll asks: Who would you like to see as a candidate in the spring 2012 presidential elections? Putin “wins” with 27 percent (down from 31 percent last September). Medvedev lags behind with 15 percent (down from a high of 18 in March). What’s interesting is the answer that takes second place – 23 percent said they wouldlike to see “neither one nor the other.” Third place goes to “either one or the other.” Basically: Poor Medvedev. But, more generally: poor status quo.

The poll also asks: If presidential elections were held this Sunday, would you take part and, if so, who would you vote for? Putin gets 23 percent (down from a high of 25 percent in April) and in second place with 22 percent comes “I would vote, but I don’t know for whom.” President Dmitry Medvedev takes the third spot with 18 percent.

Over at Foreign Policy, Steve Levine has started a betting contest on who will be Russia’s next leader. Go forth and vote.