Can Joseph Kony be funny?

Joseph Kony.

BOSTON — Does everyone know about Joseph Kony?

Do you think a video about him can be funny?

Most know about the need to track Kony down and stop his violent rampages in Congo, Uganda, Sudan and the Central African Republic as a result of the "Kony 2012" video which blazed across the internet last month.

The video informed some 84 million viewers about Kony and how his Lord's Resistance Army murders and maims people and forces young girls into sexual slavery.

And then the Kony story got even more headlines when Jason Russell, who made the video as director of Invisible Children, had a very public meltdown.

Now Kony features in a video by Funny or Die.

How can they make the topic of Joseph Kony humorous? They've enlisted Chris Meloni of the television drama Law & Order: SVU.

Still the pairing of Joseph Kony and Law & Order doesn't sound like it would make anyone laugh.

Take a look and see if you crack a smile at this.