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Betty White visits President Obama at the White House

90-year-old actress endorsed President Obama for reelection last month.
Betty white 2012 05Enlarge
Betty White on May 10, 2012 in North Hollywood, California. (Toby Canham/AFP/Getty Images)

Actress Betty White met with President Barack Obama on Monday in the White House, visiting the Oval Office and even spent some time with first dog, Bo, according to CBS News.

The White House confirmed the visit. The 90-year-old actress, known for her role on hit television series "The Golden Girls," endorsed Obama for reelection last month.

White told the Associated Press that she "very, very much favors" the President and likes “how he represents us.”

POLITICO wrote White said she had previously never backed a candidate for fear of alienating her fans.

Obama wished White a happy birthday earlier this year, joking he didn't believe she was 90, demanding her birth certificate.

According to the AP, with "Obama chasing the 'cool' vote, he could probably have no better a surrogate than White."

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