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Jodie Foster defends Kristen Stewart, blasts media culture (VIDEO)

Oscar-winning actress Jodie Foster has written a blog defending Kristen Stewart and attacking the current media culture.
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Kristen Stewart accepts the Best Movie award from Jodie Foster during the 2012 MTV Movie Awards at the Gibson Amphitheatre on June 3 in Universal City, California. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Oscar-winning actress Jodie Foster has defended her “Panic Room” co-star Kristen Stewart, whose face has been splashed across celebrity gossip magazines since the story of her affair with “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders broke last month.

In a column published in the Daily Beast today, Foster criticized the relentless scrutiny of actors’ lives and questioned whether she would survive in the current media environment.

"If I were a young actor or actress starting my career today in the new era of social media and its sanctioned hunting season, would I survive?" Foster said.

"Would I drown myself in drugs, sex, and parties? Would I be lost?"

Foster, who has been in the film industry since the age of three, said if she were a young actor today she would “quit before I started,” Access Hollywood reported, citing the blog.

“If I had to grow up in this media culture, I don't think I could survive it emotionally," Foster said. 

Stewart, 23, has been paying a heavy price for her fling with the married Sanders while she was dating her “Twilight” series co-star Robert Pattinson.

Pattinson moved out of the Californian mansion they shared after the scandal broke and Stewart was reportedly dropped from the "Snow White and the Huntsman" sequel.

The Los Angeles Times reported today, however, that Universal has insisted that plans for a second movie are afoot and Stewart’s Snow White “could still be a character in that film.”

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Jon More than 1 year ago
Many young actresses are able to resit the temptations of Hollywood. Natalie Portman has been a star since she was a small child and I've never her a bad thing about her. Why should we ignore or not denigrate a grown women with no moral boundaries? What is Foster defending?
SEYMOUR BEAVER More than 1 year ago
Daniel Prather More than 1 year ago
can u say sluuuuut
Tom Jones More than 1 year ago
Kristen got caught with her pants down - literally, apparently. She had a career made up of being a fabulous couple with Pattinson, and she tossed that away. The "media scrutiny" has always been there, it's just Kristen's turn to have the spotlight on her for being a stupid girl, rather than a professional. But, the spotlight always goes to those who flaunt society's rules - look at Liz Taylor and Richard Burton.
Brian More than 1 year ago
Tiger Woods this... Tiger Woods that ... but when a woman messes up give her a break. Whatever!!! She's getting what is deserved. Just my take on it..
leo More than 1 year ago
I wonder how many of you are secretly jealus of Kristen and wish you could be her
Marge More than 1 year ago
everyone makes mistakes. Even celebrities. I wish people would quit judging.
Caroline Baker More than 1 year ago
here here well said marge
Molly More than 1 year ago
The intent of the media is to wreck celebrity lives so they have something to write about. There are few celebs that are able to keep their private lives private and away from the prying eyes and ears of the media. But even some of their so caledl friends wil give them up for an easy buck. Just my opinion based on observation. I wouldn't want to walk in any of their shoes ever. Give me my nice quiet middle class life any day. I wish this young woman luck and healing.
Allison_Coyle More than 1 year ago
While I don't agree with Stewart's behavior, I do find it pretty ridiculous how much people care about the personal lives of celebrities. Can we not just enjoy their films and leave it at that?
Willy More than 1 year ago
K.Stewart and his bofriend Pattison already made mistake as a christian for having been into a premarital relationship, am I right? The director who is a married man is more accountable to his wrong doings too, now they are on a blame game, but sadly the lady will always turn out to be the losser for nothing will be lost and gone from the male side. Stewart must fight back, she deserves more good looking young man, or if she wants older man then be it, its her choice not ours nor the media nor Pattison!!!!
Stephanie More than 1 year ago
Excuse me--the man she had an affair with is ,an older married man and it's her fault? And she's the one who should pay the price--PLEASE! Can anyone say double standard?
Willy More than 1 year ago
how could you pinpoint that it is her fault alone? isnt it usually married man can do it easy with unmarried ladies like stewart? they both enjoyed it, it is bringing more negative effect towards the married more matured man, and who is it the director right? why we havent heared from his side and share of the scandal? Stewart is now a victim of emotional black mailing that we all are contributing and the most worst contributor are the media who always looks for the private side of stewart instead of her craft and brilliance acting skill.