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Lady Gaga sued for $10M over doll deal by toymaker MGA Entertainment

MGA Entertainment says it sued Lady Gaga for $10M, claiming singer sabotaged a deal to make a doll of herself.
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Lady Gaga, greets fans as she arrives at the Stamford Plaza on June 5, 2012 in Auckland, New Zealand (Sandra Mu/Getty Images)

A toy company is suing Lady Gaga for more than $10 million, claiming the pop star sabotaged a deal to make a Lady Gaga doll, the Associated Press reported.

MGA Entertainment, maker of the popular Bratz doll line, said it paid a $1 million advance to meet a summer deadline, the AP wrote.

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The dolls were set to dress like Lady Gaga and play her songs with a "voice chip."

But the toy maker said the plan was derailed in the spring when the merchandiser, Bravado International, abruptly tried to back out of the part of the deal.

MGA said Bravado then tried to delay sales of the doll until next year, but Lady Gaga's people refused to sign off on the final doll design.

Bloomberg Businessweek said Lady Gaga and her partners in the deal called the lawsuit "meritless."

“Lady Gaga is confident she will prevail,” her publicist, Amanda Silverman told Bloomberg Businessweek.

According to the lawsuit, Bravado approached MGA at the end of 2011 who agreed to “advance a whopping $1 million" for the dolls, based on estimates it could sell $28 million worth of the merchandise for the fall.