Robin the Boy Wonder killed in upcoming Batman comic book

Batman will lose his offsider on Wednesday.

Batman will lose his sidekick in an upcoming comic book.

Robin the Boy Wonder will be killed “battling a brutal enemy” in issue No. 8 of the “Batman Incorporated” series, according to the New York Post, which claimed to have an exclusive of the spoiler.

“He saves the world. He does his job as Robin,” writer Grant Morrison was quoted as saying. “He dies an absolute hero.”

In the offshoot series, Robin is Damian Wayne, the illegitimate son of billionaire Bruce Wayne, the Christian Post reported.

DC Comics, which publishes the Batman series, on Monday posted an essay written by Morrison back in December confirming Robin's looming demise. 

"In many ways this has been Damian's story as much as it has been the story of Bruce Wayne and it's a story that had its end planned a long time ago — for what son could ever hope to replace a father like Batman, who never dies?" Morrison wrote.

The Batman comic will be released Wednesday.